Is This Your Dream Job? An Online Candy Store Is Hiring a “Chief Candy Officer”

Anyone ages five and up may apply.

July 25, 2022


Photo by: Atlantide Phototravel/Getty

Atlantide Phototravel/Getty

Dream job alert: Online candy store Candy Funhouse is looking for a “Chief Candy Officer,” whose responsibilities will include eating and weighing in on (no pun intended) lots and lots of candy.

And if that doesn’t sound like a sweet gig on its own, note that the full-time position (with a work-from-home option or the opportunity to work on site in Toronto, Canada, or Newark, New Jersey) also comes with a drool-worthy salary of $100,000 (that’s Canadian dollars, which works out to just under $78,000 USD per year).

The job, which is open to anyone ages five and up (yes, elementary-school students may apply!) living in North America, includes leading a group of “Candyologists,” taste-testing more than 3,500 products per month, approving site inventory, and deciding whether products should receive the site’s “Stamp of Approval,” says Candy Funhouse, a large online candy store.

“All you need is a love for candy, and a sweet tooth,” the site adds.

If you’re up for applying (and judging from the response to a series of posts on Instagram, the competition will be fierce), you can submit your resume and cover letter here. Parents can apply on their children’s behalf. The deadline is August 31, 2022.

In addition to an enthusiasm for sweets, qualifications also include creativity, leadership, an interest in trying new things, and a willingness to share your “honest opinions.” Oh, and according to a LinkedIn job posting, you also need to be “Fluent in English” and devoid of food allergies.

“You also need to be comfortable being on camera,” the site says in a video promoting its search to fill the position. “We have a huge social media presence so you’ll be making an appearance in videos and essentially becoming an icon.”

Training for the position is included. Here’s hoping dental coverage is included as well.

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