Did You Miss This Year’s Limited-Edition Hocus Pocus Wine? Fear Not!

You can still drink the same exact wine in a witch-themed can.

October 07, 2020

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Bubble, bubble … Hocus Pocus fans hoping to snag the new canned wines based on the cult-favorite movie would seem to be in trouble.

Hocus Pocus wine was launched at the end of September by limited-edition beverage maker and designer Eliqs in partnership with the New York Restoration Project, to raise money for New York City community parks and gardens. It came in two varieties, rosé and white, and featured faces and clever catchphrases from the popular film. For example: “I put a spell on you, and now you're wine!”

Alas, the Sanderson Sisters-endorsed wine instantly cast a spell over the wine-drinking public and sold out wicked fast. (Amok, amok, amok, amok, amok!) And no, Eliqs does not have plans to bring it back this spooky season, a company spokesperson tells us.

The wine’s disappearance — poof! — is surely good news for parks and gardens, but, at first blush, not so good for those wishing to sip witchy wine on October 31.

But I suggest we form a calming circle. Because guess what? You can still get witch-themed cans of the same wine you’d find in the Hocus Pocus-branded cans.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Eliqs

Photo courtesy of Eliqs

In the next few days, Eliqs plans to re-release its Witch’s Brew wine, which are also currently sold out.

“The wine contained within these cans is the same and produced by Besa Mi Vino,” Eliqs told Food Network. “The cans are exclusively available for sale online at our website, and direct to consumer delivery is available in 40 states.”

Witch’s Brew rosé comes in blood-red cans that feature cauldrons, witch’s hats and brooms. The cans also include cute witch-themed catchphrases such as, “Witch, Please. It’s Halloween.” It is described as “Refreshing, Bright and Lightly Bubbly.”

The white wine comes in midnight-blue cans and features a black cat set against an ominous-looking full moon and the phrase “Drink Up, Witches!” The company says it is “Lightly Bubbly and Crisp - A smooth blend between dry and sweet.”

The wines come in six- and 12-packs. And yeah, you probably want to snag them as soon as they become available. Because this Halloween, the popularity of witch-themed wines is apparently not just a bunch of hocus pocus.

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