Klondike Is Giving Fans One Last Shot at Snagging a Choco Taco

The brand is sponsoring a digital scavenger hunt to distribute its small remaining stash of the recently discontinued treat.

September 14, 2022

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Photo by: Peter Barrett/Photo courtesy of Klondike

Peter Barrett/Photo courtesy of Klondike

I scream, you scream, we all screamed and howled when Klondike discontinued its iconic Choco Taco this summer.

Then, just a few weeks after that distressing news broke, the brand said that, thanks to the overwhelming outpouring of feeling for the fan-favorite frozen treat, it was “working hard to find a way to bring Choco Taco back to ice cream trucks in the coming years.” (We’re waiting!)

At about that time, Klondike also announced that it had 912 Choco Tacos left — the “last” Choco Tacos! So, in a play on the brand’s “What Would You Do?” catchphrase, Klondike asked fans “What Should We Do?” with its remaining stash.

Of all the suggestions from fans, Klondike picked four ideas for giving away the final Choco Tacos that, it says, “captured the Klondike brand’s humorous, challenger energy.”

Three of them have already happened: On September 3, Klondike popped up at the final Savannah Bananas baseball game of the season, which happened to take place in the 912-area code, to give away Choco Tacos. Then, on September 9, the brand headed to Death Valley to give away the treats in a move “inspired by a movie plot in which a Las Vegas Casino businessman sets up a race for money in the desert.” After that, on September 13, the brand zipped over to connect with fans in Bellingham, Washington, apparently “one of America’s least sunniest cities,” because one fan suggested Klondike should “stick [the last remaining Choco Tacos] where the sun don’t shine.”

So, OK, maybe you missed those opportunities to snag a soon-to-be-extinct Choco Taco and feel your chance melting away. But there’s one left. Starting on September 21, Klondike is hosting a digital scavenger hunt on its Instagram account (@KlondikeBar), where fans located all over the U.S. can go on a virtual chase to track down one of the last, lingering Choco Tacos.

In the first clue, “a series of emojis” will send fans to a different Klondike Instagram handle, where they will find another “series of emojis” clue to take them to another handle — and so on, and so on, following the clues.

“The first 100 people to find all seven profiles will have the tools they need to crack the riddle and open the digital freezer on @KlondikeBar, winning a Choco Taco and bragging rights,” the brand says in a press release.

Sure, that’s a lot of work for a Choco Taco. But it sure beats the idea of never having a Choco Taco again.

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