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About Marcus Samuelsson

Marcus Samuelsson is an award-winning chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, philanthropist and food activist. His most recent restaurant is New York City's acclaimed Red Rooster Harlem, which opened in December 2010.

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Warm Kobe Beef with Truffle Tea


Champagne-Infused Blackberry Soup with Sour Cream Sorbet

Grandma's Style Apple Cake with Vanilla Sauce

Bourbon Negroni

Crayfish Sushi

Citrus Granite with Crayfish Skewer

Crayfish in a Jar

Tuna Lobster Roll with Curry Granita

Grilled Tomato Soup with Sweet and Sour Shrimp

Ginger Poached Pear in Lingonberry Broth

Beer Marinated Chicken with Pumpkin Puree and Yogurt Rice

Rooster Apple Sour

Wild Wild Wings

Pickled Herring

Rare Seared Tuna and Scallop, Taro Root Chips and Sea Urchin Sauce

Tomato and Grilled Corn Salad with Almond Vinaigrette

Chocolate Ganache

Sour Cream Sorbet

Christmas Ham with Mustard Mix

Fried Chicken

Tandoori Smoked Salmon Ravioli with Goat Cheese Parfait and Osetra Caviar

Swedish Meatballs

Tea-Glazed Grilled Salmon

Swedish Meatballs with Spicy Plum Sauce

Aquavit's Gingersnap Cookies

Spicy Ketchup