Sunny Anderson Guest-Edited Food Network Magazine's November 2020 Issue!

Read her Ed Letter to find out what she's thankful for this year!

October 07, 2020

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What. Is. Happening?! I’m guest-editing Food Network Magazine! I’ve long called this magazine “a cookbook every month,” and this issue is no different. I’m honored to be the first-ever guest editor, hanging out in these pages as a contributor, writer and overall vibe-setter.

This all started in early June. The country was going through civil unrest, and there seemed to be more bad news than good news. I sat helplessly watching the news on silent, crying. But midway through my personal pity party there was a familiar shift to thankful tears. Things don’t need to be perfect for me to be grateful. The small things, they add up. Everyday thankfulness is actually my key to happiness. I wanted to share these glimmers of thankfulness and couldn’t think of a better way to further amplify my voice than with Food Network Magazine. An email, a call and a Zoom meeting later, we were working.

I hope you smile as you breeze through these pages. I wanted to add a bit of my happiness and thankfulness by featuring artists, designers, people, ideas and things that make me happy. So, you’ll see Bobby Flay, my cohosts from The Kitchen and more.

I’m also very thankful for the work of the late B. Smith. Her success in all walks of life gave way to the dreams of so many others, myself included. More than ever, young people are reaching out to thank me for my representation as a Black woman in this career, and my usual response is, “Do you know about B. Smith?” With her passing this year, I want to be sure she is remembered. It is my honor to share photos and memories from her family and some of her favorite Thanksgiving recipes with you. We’ve lost so many people this year, and it’s important to take the time to simply be thankful for their presence. B. Smith’s presence was a present to so many.

To the Food Network Magaine team, thank you. I’m humbled by the work and so proud of the results. And thank you, reader, for being here.

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