Subway Is Bringing Back Its Coveted Footlong Pass

The sweet subscription deal sold out in a mere six hours the last time it dropped.

March 17, 2023

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Subway

Photo courtesy of Subway

We all love the idea of scoring a sweet deal on our favorite foods, and it’s always sad when that special promotion or opportunity goes away. But every now and then it returns, and it feels like a gift from the universe. The lunch universe, that is.

Subway has announced that it’s bringing back its popular Footlong Pass. This $15 sandwich subscription is a sweet deal for anyone who is obsessed with their footlong subs. With the pass, you can get any footlong sub at 50 percent off its usual price. Those who get the pass are allowed to redeem the promotion once per day for the whole month of April, for a value of $150 – making the pass a total steal. This is a good time to check out the Subway Series menu. There’s a lineup of 12 signature sandwiches ordered by name or number, and passholders will have time and opportunity to try them all. In fact, try them all several times, at that!

Subway originally introduced this sandwich subscription deal back in August 2022, with only 10,000 available passes and it sold out in just a six hours. However, now it’s back and there’s 250,000 passes available. Though, we still think the passes will go pretty fast, so this will be one to jump on.

The Footlong Pass will be exclusively available for MyWay Rewards members beginning March 21, 2023 at 8 a.m. EST at

“Subway’s inaugural Footlong Pass showcases all of the things our fans crave from Subway: our footlong subs, everyday value and, of course, exclusive perks for loyalty members,” says Barb Millette, Senior Director of Loyalty & Gift Cards at Subway, in a press statement. “The first 10,000 passes sold out in a matter of hours, and while we have 250,000 available this time around, we expect them to go very quickly.”

This sounds like one deal we will have to have our apps open and ready to load when the time comes!

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