Perdue Is Bringing Back Its Coveted ThanksNuggets This Year

And this time, they come with sauces that taste like stuffing, cranberries and more.

November 02, 2021

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Photo by: Tyllie Barbosa Photography LLC

Tyllie Barbosa Photography LLC

Thanksgiving approaches! Time to prepare the traditional turkey … nuggets?

Last November, Perdue bestowed upon a grateful public ThanksNuggets, limited-edition Thanksgiving-flavored turkey nuggets. They sold out in less than three minutes.

This year, it’s upping the ante by offering not only both white and dark meat nuggets, shaped, respectively, like turkeys and drumsticks (adorable), but also adding two “ThanksDippings” sauces.

In combination, the ThanksNuggets and ThanksDippings sauces evoke a host of Thanksgiving flavors, making them, essentially, a whole holiday feast in nugget form. Good for the kids at the table — and for people who don’t feel like cooking up a bird and all its sides. (No judgment.)

Photo by: Tyllie Barbosa Photography LLC

Tyllie Barbosa Photography LLC

The ThanksNuggets themselves are white and dark meat turkey. The white meat nuggets are coated with sweet potato-seasoned breading. The breading on the dark meat nuggets, meanwhile, is cranberries- and stuffing-flavored.

That’s where the ThanksDippings pick up. The sauces come in two distinct flavors.

The Spiced Apple Honey Mustard Sauce has been inspired by herb and apple stuffing.

The CranBBQ Sauce “adds a dash of smokiness to the traditional Thanksgiving cranberry sauce,” according to Perdue.

A limited quantity of the white and dark meat, turkey- and drumstick-shaped ThanksNuggets and ThanksDrippings Sauce combo will be available at starting at 9 a.m. ET on Friday, November 5. For $14.99, you get one 24-ounce package of ThanksNuggets and both ThanksDippings sauces.

Given the speed with which the ThanksNuggets sold out last year, you’ll definitely want to be ready to snatch them up as soon as they go on sale this time around.

Oh, and if you miss the nugget-and-sauce combos online, you can snag a 22-ounce bag of the white breast meat with sweet potato-seasoned breading turkey ThanksNuggets in retail stores nationwide and make your own sauce. (Perdue offers some recipes here.)

“We were inspired to create this fun complement to ThanksNuggets by listening to consumers’ reactions to the launch of these unique nuggets last year,” Jon Swadley, VP of marketing for Perdue Premium Prepared Foods, said of the decision to add ThanksDippings into the holiday nugget mix. “People wanted to know what they should dip the seasonal nuggets in, and some even offered creative suggestions.”

The resulting nugget-sauce pairings, Swadley added, "pack all the best flavors of Thanksgiving into a few bites.”

OK, except … pie?

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