About Nasim Alikhani

Food is the language through which Nasim Alikhani best knows how to express herself. Her earliest and fondest memories are of staying indoors during the summer as a child, preparing foods and making jams and pickles with her mother. Coming from a tradition of strong women who are great cooks, she began cooking for large gatherings and parties at a young age. During law school while studying to be a judge, she found that her true passion was cooking for friends and classmates. It took Nasim twenty five years to realize her dream of opening a restaurant. In that time, she worked in various professions unrelated to food, did some ad-hoc catering, attended the International Culinary Center, interned in restaurants, and most difficult of all, pleased her twins' directing palettes. Finally, in the summer of 2018, at 59, she opened Sofreh to acclaim.