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This true Southerner grew up hunting and fishing and says since he was a kid he could put a knife to any animal. Chef Bryan Caswell's influences come from working with some of the world's great chefs in Barcelona, the Bahamas, Hong Kong, Bangkok and New York, as well as a lifetime spent entrenched in the food cultures of South Texas and Louisiana. Houston's culinary scene has been elevated since the opening of Bryan's flagship restaurant, REEF, which has earned him several prominent culinary awards.

In addition to being a chef and restaurateur, Bryan has been appointed to Continental Airlines’ "Congress of Chefs" to develop the menu for its first-class, in-flight food service. He also co-hosts a popular weekly radio program, "Southbound Food," on Houston's radio station 1560 AM, The Game.

Bryan has positioned himself uniquely in the modern age by using technology as a platform for his businesses with his blog, Whole Fish. In the kitchen, he's intense and moves quickly, despite his 6'4", 240-pound stature. While he can come across as intimidating, this Texas chef is all heart and passion for his craft.

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