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Seoul Sausage

Each team was given a digital camera to document life on the road and capture behind-the-scenes shots of day-to-day filming, challenges and competitors. Seoul Sausage's Ted, Chris and Yong snapped pictures of each other, rival teams and lighthearted moments off set.

Campground Pit Stop

Seoul Sausage posed with Barbie Babes' Hayley and Mike from Coast of Atlanta while waiting for day-two filming to begin in Flagstaff, Ariz.

Map It

One of the guys snapped this shot of his iPhone's map as they prepared to cross the Arizona border into New Mexico en route to Amarillo, Texas.

Signature Dish

While nearly all of Seoul Sausage's food was well received by customers and judges alike, it was the team's fried kimchi balls that proved especially popular.

Three in a Row

Seoul Sausage proved their staying power in the race after sweeping the competition three weeks in a row. "You literally owned this town," Tyler told them after a weekend in Amarillo.

Photo By: Ralph Duke ©copyright 2012 television food network, G.P. all rights reserved

Team Camaraderie

The guys of Seoul Sausage and Pizza Mike's came together for a friendly photo during a relaxed night on the town.

Near Disaster

Just when the guys think they've mastered the art of food trucking, they found themselves faced with potential elimination in Nashville, Tenn. While they ultimately earned enough to advance to Cleveland, Ohio, the situation was enough to re-focus the team. "I promise this will never, ever happen again," Chris said after the episode. "I'm going to work harder. I'm going to put the best food out."

Finale Friends

Seoul Sausage and Nonna's Kitchenette were the top two teams this season, and while the guys wanted to win their food truck, Yong said, "If we lose, we shake their hands."

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Meet the Newest Food Truck Operators

After a 3,559-mile road trip across 15 states, Yong, Chris and Ted were announced the winners of The Great Food Truck Race Season 3, proving that they have it what it takes to run their own food truck. Tyler announced that the guys had earned the right to keep their keys and presented them with $50,000 to start their dream business.

Photo By: Chris Pinchbeck ©Copyrighted, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved