Discovering the "Fifth Taste"

Morimoto vs. Tila

Chef Jet Tila challenges Iron Chef Morimoto to a seaweed battle.

About Masaharu Morimoto

Iron Chef Morimoto got his start at Nobu. He opened his own restaurant, Morimoto, in Philadelphia in 2002 and a second one in NYC in 2006.

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Vegetable Sushi

Saga Wagyu Sukiyaki

Foie Gras Doufu

Wagyu Two Ways


Daikon Fettuccine with Tomato-Basil Sauce

Saga Wagyu Panzanella

Orange-Roasted Seafood and Kunomoto Oysters with White Miso Sauce

Soy Marinated Wagyu with Congee, Ginger and Scallion

Wagyu Tartar with Spicy Mayo, Caviar and Garnishes

Sushi Rice Risotto

Miso-Braised Short Ribs Tempura

Chicken Cooked in Beer

Hibiscus Sazerac

Saga Wagyu Tortilla

Angry Chicken

Frozen Lettuce

Chilled Wagyu Shabu Shabu, Panzanella Salad and Basil Pearls

Potato Dumplings

Potato Noodles

Potato Dumpling Sauce

Black Cod Cooked with Sake

Mashed Tofu Salad (Shira-ae)

Nikujaga, Morimoto-Style

Iron Chef America

Based upon the Japanese cult sensation, Iron Chef America carries on the legend of Kitchen Stadium and the famed "secret ingredient."