Season 5, Episode 1

Thinfully Delicious

Turn your kitchen into a spa with our absolutely sinless, flavor-packed meal. Not only will everyone love the food, but they will get a head start on looking great for beach weather.

Day Before Party:

  • Mix cardamom yogurt sauce for Zinfully Delicious desert, refrigerate.

  • Whisk together vinaigrette for Zucchini Papardelle, refrigerate.

  • Assemble, roll and refrigerate steaks for Skirt Steak Saltimbocca.

1 Hour Before Party:

  • Take Steak Saltimbocca out of refrigerator to bring to room temperature before cooking.

  • Simmer peaches and reduce pan sauce for Zinfully Delicious desert.

  • Marinate and broil zucchini and cherry tomatoes for Zucchini Parpadelle.
  • Sauté steaks for Steak Saltimbocca, finish in oven and then let rest before carving into pinwheels for serving.

  • Assemble Zucchini Parpadelle.

  • Fry sage leaves to garnish Saltimbocca.

  • Combine remaining parpadelle vinaigrette with steak pan juices to make sauce for sliced Saltimbocca. Drizzle over plated Saltimbocca.

At the party:

  • Top peaches with cardamom yogurt for Zinfully Delicous desert.

Eat and Enjoy!

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