Season 4, Episode 13

Bake Sale

Whether you need to raise money for disaster relief or the school computers, nothing beats a bake sale. The gang comes over to make it, bake it and take it. . . . . to sell at school. Do something good and turn it into a get together!

1 Day Before Bake Sale:

  • Mix batter for Lemon Sandcake and bake it. Cool cake and store until bake sale.

  • Mix dough for Apple Bomboloni. Refrigerate Bomboloni dough.

  • Slice apples and simmer applesauce filling for Bomboloni.

  • Slice apples for Bomboloni filling and marinate in lemon juice and sugar. Refrigerate.

  • Cool applesauce filling.

  • Remove Bomboloni dough from fridge, roll out and cut individual Boboloni crusts.

  • Fill Bomboloni crusts with applesauce and apple pieces. Form Bombolonis, cover and refrigerate until firm.

  • Mix topping for Bombolonis.

  • Remove Bombolonis from refrigerator, top with butter and sugar topping and bake.
  • Heat cream and butter, grate chocolate for Chocolate Muffin batter.

  • Mix muffin batter and bake. Pull from oven and add chocolate chunks to center.

Day of the Bake Sale:

  • Sprinkle Lemon Sandcake with confection sugar.

  • Pack baked goods for the sale.

Eat and Enjoy!

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