Season 4, Episode 3

Flay vs. Bowles

Chicago Chef Graham Bowles challenges Iron Chef Flay to a sweet battle. Can he hold his own in Kitchen Stadium, or will Chef Flay walk home the winner?

Ted Allen
Karine Bakhoum
Jeffrey Steingarten

Challenger stats: Chef Bowles
From: Chicago

Restaurant: Avenues at The Peninsula Chicago

Cuisine: Contemporary

Ideal secret ingredient: Foie gras

Interests: Politics, government

Culinary inspirations: Music, art, poetry, traveling

Ideal judge: Mathias Merges, Frank Bruni

Culinary secret weapon: Touch/finesse

Favorite restaurant: Cafe Salamera, Alinea, Hot Doug's

Favorite food: Laughing Cow cheese, macaroni & cheese, ramen noodles

Food you won't go near: Black licorice

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: Dog

Favorite food destination: I'm living in it! Chicago is on top right now.

Alternative dream job: President of the United States of America

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