This Gear Will Take Your Tailgate to the Next Level

If you're a tailgate amateur ready to turn your back-of-the-car cookout to a real party, you're going to need to upgrade your gear.

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August 30, 2018
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This cooler bag is so much more than just an ice carrier. It comes kitted out with all sorts of BBQ gear including utensils, skewers and an insulated mitt. Best of all, it's got a portable cutting board, salt and pepper shakers, and the bottle opener that everyone is always searching for.

The cardinal rule of tailgating? Show team loyalty in all your gear. Display your devotion to your football franchise of choice with a set of steak knives emblazoned with your NFL team's logo.

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As you work your way up to tailgate pro, you're going to need to get your grilling game on-point. This petite grill is a great place to start practicing your behind-the-car cooking skills.

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Never run out of ideas for what to whip up at your tailgate bash with The Tailgate Cookbook. Because the recipes come from tailgate experts, you can be sure that the snacks are portable, delicious and super fun.

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Get real fancy with your tailgating by popping a few bottles of wine instead of beer. This insulated tote can be outfitted with your team's logo so everyone knows who you're rooting for. Plus it's got a tiny cheese board and wine key. Fancy.

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With all the work you go through to throw the perfect tailgate, you'll surely want to protect yourself (and your food) from the elements. Hot sun and cold dips just don't make a happy marriage, so go ahead and fully commit to the tailgater lifestyle with a pop-up tent.

Carrying a casserole or a hot dip can be a messy endeavor. Get yourself an insulated carrier with your team's logo to stop the mess and keep your food nice and toasty warm.

You and three of your favorite football fans can feel right at home at this fold-up picnic table. It obviously makes for a great dining space, but it also could provide a good spot to play some games to pass the time until kickoff.

If you're fully committed to becoming a super-tailgater, and have a spare twenty-grand lying around, this is your holy grail. This ultimate trailer comes with TVs, a fridge, an oven, lights, electricity, and yes, a bathroom.

Put your cheese on the convenient cutting board at the center of this serving tray surrounded by your crackers and reveal your team loyalty as your guests eat through your spread.

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If you're going to have a football party, why not be a bit on-the-nose with your beverage cooler? No promises that this is the most practical or insulated way to serve your drinks but it gets a 'A' for being on-theme.

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This Pelican cooler is all business and its no-frills design looks it. Made with tailgating in mind, it's got durable wheels, a sturdy, retractable handle and "extreme ice retention" for all-day frosty beverages. It comes with a lifetime guarantee just in case your festivities get a little too festive.

Keep away the bugs, sun, inclement weather and unruly tailgaters with a personal-sized screened-in pod. The MeshPod lets you keep cool and bite-free without obstructing your view of the big game.

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Space is at a premium when you're packing up for a party out of the trunk of your car, so opt for collapsible items like these telescoping marshmallow roasting sticks. They're dual function, too, since they're just as good for sausages and hot dogs.

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It's hard to say what's the most important part of a tailgate: food, drinks or a comfy place to sit. I vote for seating. Get a folding chair with your team's logo, then sit back and enjoy the food and fun.

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If you're ready to take your tailgate to gold-star territory, get yourself some customized drink koozies. Everyone passing by your party will give your professional execution extra points.

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This multi-functional camping table is so good, you may keep it set up all season in your backyard. It holds drinks, snacks and even has an insulated cooler. It may be intended for camping, but it'll make the perfect snack station at your tailgate.

No tailgate would be complete without some frosty beverages. Or, if you're camping out early, some hot coffee. Choose your team's logo and fill this one-gallon keg up with your drink of choice.

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