Season 8, Episode 7

Speed Dating Downfall

On his next mission, Robert will be challenged to the culinary version of speed dating. He will have just seven hours to create a date friendly meal for 100 speed daters. The catch? Just like the speed daters who will be set up with several matches in order to find the perfect mate, Robert will be set up with several ingredients in order to make the perfect meal. Adele, co-founder of the speed dating company Hurry Date, will introduce Robert to several "dating-themed" ingredients throughout his mission. Robert will also have the added challenge of playing matchmaker for his kitchen helper, Brooke. Every time Robert gets a new set of ingreedients, Brooke will be paired with a new guy.
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Recipes From This Episode

Apple Tart with Honey Ice Cream

Lavender Honey Scented Scallops

Raw Oysters with Mignonette Sauce

Tempura Pork with Finnadinni Sauce

Balloon Blowup
Judgment Day


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