Season 4, Episode 6

Team Dinner

The team is getting together to celebrate the season and we’ve got a meal that’s a big winner. It’s got it all – easy to make, delicious to eat, and an inexpensive way to feed a big crowd!

Day Before Party:

  • Prepare Snow Cone Lemon Syrup with zested and juiced lemons, refrigerate.

  • Prepare Snow Cone Tutti-fruitti Syrup with chopped mixed fruits, refrigerate.

  • Mince and simmer prosciutto bits for Shaved Salad garnish, refrigerate.

  • Shave and grate vegetables for Shaved Salad, then pack into individual containers and refrigerate.

  • Whisk vinaigrette for Shaved Salad and refrigerate.

1 Hour Before Party:

  • Mix and simmer Sloppy Giuseppe filling.

  • Pack up salad, Sloppy Giuseppe filling and buns in temperature-appropriate containers.

  • Pack up beer, ice, and a baby pool to act as a cooler.

At Party:

  • Pour Black and Tans for guests.

  • Set out Shaved Salad and Sloppy Giuseppe components.

  • Allow guests to assemble their own Sloppy Giuseppe, dress and toss their own Shaved Salad.

Eat and Enjoy:

  • Pulverize ice for Snow Cones.

  • Scoop ice into cups and then drizzle with syrup to assemble Snow Cones.

Eat and Enjoy Dessert!

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