How to Accessorize Just Like Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman tells us about her accessories — and her love for comfy flip flops.


Photo by: David Malosh

David Malosh

Get the Pioneer Woman look with Ree's favorite products.

Classic Shades "Through much trial and error, I've determined that the classic aviator with gold rims is my match made in sunglasses heaven. I hate to be cliched, but I love Ray-Ban aviators with earth-tone lenses."

Ranch Tote "Bags with fancy logos don't mean much when you live on a dusty ranch. I need a bag to be there through thick and thin — a durable leather tote that's big enough to hold my laptop and makeup essentials."

Hot Iron "I swear by this curling iron! The inch-and-a-quarter barrel is perfect for curling both longer parts of my hair and the shorter layers. I always leave about half an inch at the end of the hair to keep it from looking like Shirley Temple ringlets."

Soft Shoes "When I'm not in cowgirl boots, I'm often in bare feet. I also love a comfy pair of FitFlops to wear around the house. They make my former ballerina feet feel good."

Helpful Hat "I've learned the hard way that my best sun-protection plan is to cover up. Whether I'm gardening or barbecuing, you'll usually find me in a hat and a three-quarter-sleeve top (lightweight — it's hot in Oklahoma!)."

Freckle Fighter "I use a crazy-high SPF on my face to avoid wrinkles — and freckles! This moisturizer is antiaging, too."

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