Season 4, Episode 6

World Pastry Team Championship

Ten international pastry teams have come to Phoenix, Ariz., for the World Pastry Team Championship to prove who the best of the best is in a two-day culinary marathon. Team USA has taken first in the past two championships and they're aiming for a three-peat. But Team France and Team Japan plan on dethroning the reigning champs. A win here means taking home the $50,000 prize and the achievement of a lifetime.


Captain: Bruno Moncoudiol
Team Member: Franck Michel
Team Member: Franck Kestener
Manager: Stephane Glacier
Judge: Laurent Le Daniel

Captain: Silvio Bessone
Team Member: Lucio Forino
Team Member: Roberto Rinaldini
Manager: Biagio Settepani
Judge: Leonardo Di Carlo

Captain: Koichi Izumi
Team Member: Masaaki Hayashi
Team Member: Shuji Muto
Manager: Kanjiro Mochizuki
Judge: Makoto Kato

Captain: Thomas Trevethan
Team Member: Jose Polanco Pech
Team Member: Barbaciano Kavil Chan
Manager: Oscar Ortega
Judge: Margarita Vin

Captain: Janusz Profus
Team Member: Pawel Malecki
Team Member: Maciej Pieta
Manager: Adam Sowa
Judge: Jaroslaw Zbaliszyn

Captain: Elena Medvedeva
Team Member: Alexander Ilyukhin
Team Member: Andrey Polovinkin
Manager: Elena Shramko
Judge: Igor Bukharov

Captain: Lim Kim Wah
Team Member: Then Chui Foong
Team Member: Alex Yen Hing Long
Manager: Steven Ong
Judge: Kenny Kong

South Korea
Captain: Mun-Sung Choi
Team Member: Kyung-Whan Byun
Team Member: Myung-Ju Sung
Manager: Chang-Hyun Ahn
Judge: Young-Teag Jung

Captain: Rolf Murner
Team Member: Thomas Schwarzenberger
Team Member: Gerald Saudan
Manager: Franz Ziegler
Judge: Adrian Bader

Captain: Laurent Lhuillier
Team Member: James (Jim) Mullaney
Team Member: David Ramirez
Manager: Laurent Branlard
Judge: Stanton Ho


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