Season 0, Episode 2

Robin to the Rescue: Banning Burgers from the Car

In this half-hour, host Robin Miller (nutritionist, author and host of Quick Fix Meals) meets with two families. First is Madeline, a single mother of two who is also a full-time student and has no time to cook properly for her kids, one of which is a very picky eater and was recently diagnosed with asthma. She is concerned that she is hurting them by what she cooks. Robin helps her fill the pantry with her "10 must-have" staples, and cooks a delicious chicken tender that introduces healthy alternatives and is a dish even the pickiest eater will love.

She then meets with Mike, a father of two who has poor eating and snacking habits, has gained 40 pounds and is concerned that he’s being a poor role model for his kids. They go to the store to show Mike new food choices, and they create new snacking and sauce options to inspire Mike to lose weight and change his habits.

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Recipes From This Episode

Orangey Herb and Oat-Crusted Chicken Tenders

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Pistachio-Parsley Pesto

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

What's At Steak
Where's the Beef


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