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Brooke's Insider Dish 01:49

The Shed co-founder talks Brad, BBQ and more.

Brooke Tells All

The Master's Top BBQ Tips 01:00

Get Hobson's secrets for making Shed-style 'cue at home.

An Insider's Look

Hear from the Head ShedHed 02:00

Find out how The Shed came to be with Brad's look-back.

The Shed in a Nutshell

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Stop by The Shed in Mississippi to taste some of the Orrisons' finger-lickin'-good barbecue.
Ocean Springs, MS

Barbecue Basics

Get top grilling tips from Alton and Bobby, plus the best burger recipes for your next cookout.

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Meet the First Family of Mississippi Barbecue, the Orrisons. Their wildly popular barbecue joint's earned them fame, fortune, devoted fans and a lot of big toys. But no matter how big their business grows, the boisterous, fun-loving clan insists on running the business as a family. Add in all the colorful employees and regulars and it's obvious: This down-home joint is a real-life sitcom.