This Gadget Can Keep Your Champagne Bubbly for 4 Weeks

Make any day a celebration with the newest Coravin model.

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October 04, 2021
By: Allison Russo
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Photo by: Coravin


Have you ever wanted to pop open a bottle of champagne just for one glass, and save the rest for later? Thanks to a new gadget from Coravin, now you can. The Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System keeps the flavor and carbonation of your favorite sparklng wine including Champagne or Prosecco for up to four weeks.

Designed with a universal-fit stopper that fits most standard bottles of sparkling wine, the key to the Coravin Sparkling system is the unit's ability to "charge" the partially-consumed bottle of sparkling wine with CO2 thanks to a chargable hand-held unit. As long as the stopper holds a CO2 charge, the bottle of sparkling will stay well-preserved — this lasts for about two weeks.

Unlike classic Coravin wine systems, the Sparkling system only works with fully-opened bottles of wine and is not designed for pouring wine through the system. After the first pour from a bottle of sparkling wine, place the Sparkling Stopper on the opened bottle of bubbly, then use the Sparkling Charger to fill the empty space with CO2. This will prevent the carbonation from escaping, so you'll get a bubbly pour when you're ready for your next glass. To pour another round, tilt the Sparkling Stopper to release the CO2 pressure and remove the stopper completely. Pour another glass from the fully-opened bottle.

In a press release, Coravin founder Greg Lambrecht says that "after years in development, we're thrilled to introduce Coravin Sparkling and deliver on our continued vision to allow anyone to pour any wine, still or sparkling, in any amount, without the pressure to quickly finish the bottle."

Whether you have leftover champagne from your morning mimosas or want to get fancy with at-home wine pairings, Coravin Sparkling can be a way to savor a bottle of pricey sparkling wine for more than one celebration. It's definitely an investment gadget (and this holiday season we're expecting shipping delays), so add it to your holiday wish list now.

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