The Best DIY Cold Brew Maker Is Also the Simplest to Use

It's called the "Spouch." Just add water and you're ready to go in 12 hours.

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September 02, 2021

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Cold brew fans love the coffee's smoother taste compared to coffee brewed using hot water. And although some may declare iced coffee has a season, there are plenty of people who drink cold brew year-round. My new favorite way to drink cold brew year-round? Grady's Cold Brew Spouches.

Ordering cold brew from a coffee shop or even buying it pre-made at the store can add up fast. Making a cold brew concentrate requires patience and a lot of coffee grounds, so it can be more costly than brewing a hot cup of coffee. Choosing a DIY approach can be more cost-effective for the average person.

If you've ever used a cold brew coffee maker you know they're not all created equal. Whether it's grounds at the bottom of the pot, a tough-to-load chamber for the coffee or a lack of concentration even after 12 to 24 hours of brewing, making cold brew at home takes some trial and error — most of the time. As someone who's tried countless cold brew machines, it almost feels not worth it.

Grady's Cold Brew is known for its smooth, strong coffee, and the Spouch is a perfect at-home solution for those looking for a perfect cold brew at home. To brew the coffee simple tear off the top, add water, close the zip-top and shake. After 10 to 12 hours, remove the coffee pouches and your cold brew is ready to pour.

I was pleasantly surprised by how strong the brew was after just 10 hours of brewing in the fridge. Plus, not having to measure out the correct amont of grounds made the whole process that much faster. I got about a week of cold brew coffees from each spouch, which breaks down to about $1 to $2 per cup — significantly cheaper than a cup of cold brew from my local coffee shop.

The Grady's Cold Brew Spouches are available on Amazon for Prime shipping for anyone looking to give these a try immediately — or if you need a restock stat.

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